2014 Wisconsin Shooters boys travel teams

u17/Class of 2015 - white
u17/Class of 2015 - red
u16/Class of 2016
u15/Class of 2017 - white
u15/Class of 2017 - red
u14/Class of 2018
u13/Class of 2019
u12/Class of 2020
u11/Class of 2021
u10/Class of 2022
u9/Class of 2023
Class of 2014 - Seniors

2014 Wisconsin "Lady" Shooters girls travel teams

u11/Class of 2021

Player/Parent Guidelines & Player Fees - Boys
Player/Parent Guidelines & Player Fees - Lady Shooters

If invited to join one the Wisconsin Shooters select travel teams before November 4th please sign & return your player/parent guidelines (found at the link above) with your $100 down payment within 7 days of your invite. Complete player fees are due in full by March 3, 2014. (Failure to follow the program rules & guidelines will result in suspension or dismissal from Wisconsin Shooters Basketball)

Multiple Children Discount:
If you have multiple children in the program, a discount will be applied to each child's player fee. For players from grades 8-11, take $100 off; for players in grades 3-7, take $50 off. (i.e. Child 1 in grade 11: Team Fee of $700 would be $600, Child 2 in grade 7: Team Fee of $600 would be $550)

Sponsorship/Advertising Discount:

Wisconsin Shooters Basketball families who arrange for new business or individual annual sponsorships will receive a dollar amount off their 2013 player fee. (This does not apply to businesses that have sponsored the program in the past)
• Sponsorships are recognized for one year from the date of deposit
• $500-$999 sponsorship;
receive $200 off your 2013 player fee.
• $1,000-$1,499 sponsorship;
receive $300 off your 2013 player fee.
• $1,500+ sponsorship;
receive $400 off your 2013 player fee.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

• Player Fees will cover tournament entry fees, gym rentals, uniforms, shooting shirt, travel bags & other team costs.
• Additional expenses (more tournaments, extra travel, apparel) will be covered by the families, sponsorships
and fundraising by teams and individuals. Details discussed within the team once the season is underway.
• 3-7 Grade Tournaments will be played ONLY in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois & Indiana.
• 8-11 Grade Tournaments will be played ONLY in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana & Nevada.
• Players are recommended to ONLY play with Wisconsin Shooters Basketball during the travel team season.

Apparel will be available to our players & their families before the season begins.
Our 8th-11th grade teams will play a national schedule and compete against the best in the country. Our 3rd-7th grade teams will compete in local & regional tournaments.


2013-2014 AAU Club Code: WW336C
Mail Address: PO Box 88 Menomonee Falls, WI 53052

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